Whether you need a build service or the full service of Design, planning & Build. We are a residential building company across south east London here for you. We can take customers from the pre-planning stage all the way through to completion of their project. Each service is offered independently of the others so, for example, the build team is happy to work with architects and other designers of your choice and our planning team are happy to just help a customer get through that stage.



Our architect will work with you to create that unique design you are looking for ensuring that we work to your budget. Once your design has been finalised we will submit your application for planning permission or permitted development. As well as commission the structural engineer and an impartial surveyor to help with any party wall agreements if needed. We then act on your behalf throughout the whole application process to ensure it runs smoothly. Once your design has been established we will then generate a detailed quote & payment schedule for your project. (If you already have the above in place before meeting us, then that’s not a problem you can skip this part).



Once a price has been agreed, contract drawn up, all permission has been granted and finally a start date pencilled in. Work can commence. All our contractors and subcontractors have considerable experience in their specialist areas to ensure a high quality finish. We work closely with the client throughout to ensure everything is to their satisfaction.



For the duration of the project you will be in the hands of our project manger. They manage all items required on site, are forecasted with realistic lead times and will ensure the project is running on time and inline with the agreed quote and specification. As well as ensure the standard of quality remains high throughout. Client meeting will be scheduled weekly to ensure everyone is satisfied.


We offer a full interior design service that can be offered across the entire property or just a specific rooms. Our interior designer will work with the client closely throughout the whole process to help make your space a dream.



This is definitely the most exciting part of the project. This is where you see the finishing touches being put together. Our contractors and sub contractors take careful attention to detail at this stage to ensure a high quality finish. On completion we will do a final inspection with the client, issue any certificates, warranties etc that we have for the client. Finally we also ask you to hold a retention fee at the end of the project for any snagging issues.